This summer’s performances of Henrik Ibsens’s BRAND in Fjæreheia will be captioned in Norwegian and English

The Norwegian Ibsen Company is using the app Thea from Swedish company DoGood AB to provide captions for this summer’s Brand performance in Norwegian and English. This will make the show more accessible to foreign tourists and people with varying degrees of hearing impairment.

DoGood’s innovative captioning system enables seamless delivery of real-time captions on various presentation media, including smartphones, screens, LED displays, and projection devices on stage. This technology provides an opportunity for individuals with hearing impairment and those who need support in foreign languages to understand and appreciate the nuances of the performance.

App-based solution

The Thea app can be easily downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Users can choose between English or Norwegian captions, and the use of different colors for different characters provides better context and clarity for the hearing impaired. Captioning is simplified using standard captioning software for screens and televisions. By using the script and video recordings of the performance, the Norwegian Ibsen Company ensures accurate and synchronized captioning.

«We want as many people as possible to have the chance to experience our Brand performance this summer,» says Kåre Conradi, artistic director of the Norwegian Ibsen Company. «The solution from DoGood is already being used by Dramaten and several other theaters in Sweden, and it allows for us to easily provide captioning in English and Norwegian. We are happy to be able to make the theater experience more enriching and rewarding for everyone, regardless of hearing function or language preferences,» he adds.

Vidar Magnussen is both on stage and behind the scenes

Vidar Magnussen is currently in the spotlight with his participation in TV2’s hit show «Spillet.» Many also know him as an actor and comedian, notably for his long-standing role as Jonas in the NRK TV series «Side om Side» and as the character Winter in «Snøfall.» In recent years, however, he has also achieved great success as a director, in both theater and the Norwegian Opera. Most recently, he was involved with the critically acclaimed production of «Shockheaded Peter» at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen. In this summer’s performance at Fjæreheia Amphitheater, he also takes on the role of the Fogden in addition to being the director.

More familiar faces on stage

For the main characte, Brand, the Norwegian Ibsen Company has brought in singer and actor Kristoffer Olsen, known to many from the hit TV show «Kongen befaler» on TV Norge. He has also appeared at the Det Norske Teateret in «Book of Mormons,» at Den Norske Opera as Mack The Knife, and in many  more TV shows, both in Norway and the UK. Known from countless roles on the theater stage, TV, and Movies, Kjersti Elvik comes to Fjæreheia Amphitheater to play the Mother, Karl Vidar Lende is Einar, and Reidun Melvær Berge plays Agnes. Reidun Melvær Berge is an actor and musical artist currently employed at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen, while many will recognize Karl Vidar Lende from his role as the journalist Per Vassbotn in the NRK series «Makta.»